“Il faudrait trouver un équilibre je dis, entre la sécurité, l'ennui mortel, et la vie trop violente.”
"We should find a balance I say, between security, deadly boredom and a life too violent.” Catherine Poulain - Le grand Marin.

After 35 years of living in the city I wanted something else; something raw, something real. I packed some warm clothes, a big stock of films ,two cameras and set off on a long trip all the way beyond the arctic circle to the Lofoten islands to join Roger & Johana in the middle of their winter Cod Season. Between two frames I learned to gut fishes, arrange the deck and make myself useful on a boat.

Every day, I spent my time within the small fishing community of Sørvågen sharing meals, coffee and stories. This series of photos documents my time among them.

This series by Tim Franco is available for publication - a larger selection of photos is available here: http://www.timfranco.com/arctic-fishing