Alternative Process Portrait Workshop

A two day workshop focused on studio portrait photography using a large format camera and alternative process development using coffee based home made chemicals in a darkroom.

The Workshop

Large format photography uses techniques that are similar to those used a century ago. There are essential to understand the basic process of a photographic camera without having to deal with any electronic components, menus or anything that might distract you from photography itself. Large format cameras also allows you to visualize your image on a big screen the size of an A4 page. This means you can compose your image like a painting, piece by piece. The whole process is much slower and allows you to concentrate on quality opposed to quantity. During the first day of the workshop, you will be introduced to the usage of a large format camera and you will get to understand the simplicity of its content as well as the almost poetic process of using it. Each participant will get to compose two portraits shot directly on photographic paper, no digital files, no film. We will also learn how to use light in the studio, the differences between diffusers and how to use a photographic lightmeter.

On the second day of the workshop, we will be going inside the darkroom. After learning about the basic process of developing film and photographic paper, we will prepare our own chemicals to process the photos using three daily products including coffee. This chemical will be used to develop the portraits we took the previous day. Each participant will get a one on one lesson inside the darkroom on how to process their own photos. After the beautiful paper negative dries, each student can choose to either make a direct postive print in the darkroom or to scan the negative and process it directly on his / her computer.

The workshop is aimed at people who have a strong interest in photography, good knowledge of how a camera operates and basic understanding of light. Our goal is to learn a more ancient and poetic approach of photography that differs in every way to the modern approach we have using cell phone cameras to shoot nothing and everything.


2 DAY WORKSHOP COST / 6 Students Class : 450 USD / 350 USD for early booking [ includes the following ]

  • Access to a professional photography studio ( 6 hours - day 1 )

  • Professional Model for the entire shoot

  • Large format 8x10 camera + paper negative

  • Professional lighting equipment

  • Access to a professional photography darkroom ( 6 hours - day 2 )

  • All chemical and equipment for processing

  • One on one tutoring during the portrait session and one on one tutoring during the dark room process

The Photographer

Tim Franco has been exploring analog processes since he started photography. On his first big assignment in 2010, he traveled around China documenting architecture and urban-ism with a large format camera for a french gallery publication for over a year. Since then, Tim still shoots most of his project and editorial assignments with medium and large format analog cameras. His work has been published in the New York Times, Wall street journal, Time magazine, National Geographic amongst others and displayed in Museums such as the Finish Museum of Photography, The Chongqing museum of Arts and the Museum of National Archives of Paris. Recently Tim has been working on a couple of projects involving atternative process such as reclaimed polaroid negative or cafenol paper negative. His latest portrait project “ Unperson” has been exhibited in Malaysia, Poland, Italy and Germany.

Class will be held the 16th and 17th of March in downtown Seoul. Bookings are open until the 28th of February 2019. If you wish to participate please send the following information. The price of the class is 450 USD all inclusive and needs to be paid upon confirmation of reservation by Paypal. For any booking before the 15th of February, a discount of 100 USD will be offered for a total of 350 USD.



Seoul Workshop

16th and 17th of March 2019

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