Metamorpolis Book Launch in New York City

Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure to be invited to give a talk at the Asia Society Museum in New York city for the launch of my new book Metamorpolis . The presentation was recorded, you can view it here if you wish to know the stories behind the book and the photos !

If you want to purchase the book or to have information on where you can get it - please check the book official website : Http://

Fake Zaha Hadid in Chongqing

As Chongqing is running towards its urbanisation and modernisation, local urban planner and authorities want to have the best and the fastest, even if it means cloning famous buildings from architects from other cities. In the new development area of Chongqing, a copycat of unfinished Beijing Zaha Hadid project has been build in the middle of the fields

The copycat building is located in the Jiangbei district of Chongqing

Some workers taking a rest inside the project

the project is surrounded by farm field, factories and housing projects

The issues has been raised in many publications, you can read more here in an article from the Spiegel online:

here is a render of the original project currently being finished in Beijing  | render from Zaha Hadid 

Moving Mountains to Create Cities for the Wall Street Journal

Last month, I was assigned on a story for the Wall Street Journal to photography a city in Hubei that was looking through urban and economical expansion by removing the mountains around the city. The story was really visual and the images talk for themselves.

Wall Street Journal Press Clip | Cities in China in Drive for Land