Portraits for Chanel | Shanghai

As part of the launch of their new watch, Chanel hold a special event in Shanghai China. I was assigned to set up a booth to photograph celebrities and guests. The images had to look like an advertising and were processed on site through a mirror app. Here are some of my favorite portrait for the shoot as well as a small display of the final images delivered.

Tim Franco is a commercial and editorial photographer based in greater asia. He works on commercial assignment in China, South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan. Please get in touch at tim@propagandastudio.asia

Fashion Designer Portraits

This month issue of the Silk Road magazines feature a story about up & coming fashion designer in China that I have shot . As I often work with this magazine, each portrait was done on my old time favorite Hasselblad Medium format Film camera. Here is a couple of the portrait as well as the tearsheets. 

Tim Franco is available for editorial and commercial assignments including portraits, stories and architecture in China, Korea and Hong Kong please contact him at timfranco@gmail.com

Behind the Scene | Shanghai Fashion Shoot

Last week, I was producing a photoshoot for my agency Propaganda Studio in Shanghai with one of our photographer (Victor Marvillet ) . The client asked us to document the process and I snap a few photos & videos during the photo shoot. It ended up looking nice and completely different than the actual result of the commercial shoot. Here are some of the images. 

Tim Franco is Seoul & Shanghai based photographer available for commercial assignment all over the Asia region - you can also see more of his commercial work on his agency website at Propaganda Studio. Contact him directly for photography assignment at tim@propagandastudio.asia

Fashion Editorial for Grazia | Shanghai

Last month, I was assigned by Grazia to cover a Max Mara event in Shanghai. The fashion show happened in the old exhibition center that was completely transformed for the occasion ! Here a few of the photos as well as the press clippings

Tim Franco is an award winning photographer based in Asia and available for editorial assignment in Seoul, Shanghai , Beijing & Hong Kong.

Shanghai Skaters Story for HUCK Magazine

Here is a feature I work on with some of the Local and International skaters cruising and enjoying Shanghai Urban Areas. Was an interesting gig to photograph especially with my old rolleiflex

I am a photographer based in Shanghai & Seoul working on editorial and commercial assignments

Luxury Brand & Exhibition photographer for Louis Vuitton in Asia

In the past few weeks I was commissioned through Actu Asia & Propaganda Studio to document & Photograph the Louis Vuitton Series 2 in Beijing China & Seoul, South Korea. It was a really good experience working in those great cities on the same project. On top of photographing the spaces, I ve documented the visit from celebrities such as Jennifer Connely, Fang Bing Bing, Tang Yan in China, Doona Bae or Clauda Kim in South Korea.

Kim Soo-hyun

Kim Soo-hyun

Tang Yan

Tang Yan

Soo Young Choi of Girl's Generation

Tang Yan

Fan BingBing

Vip Guest

Jennifer Connely

Tim Franco is a Seoul & China based photographer available for commercial assignment

Shanghai Muslim Community

Muslim in China represents 1.6 % of the population, meaning more than 21 million of Chinese are adherents of islam. Even if they are mostly located in Western region such as Xinjiang, Gansu and Ningxia, muslim Chinese are spread all around China. Their integration in Chinese society, especially for Uyghurs ( Mostly from Xinjiang 10 M of them in China ) is often  echoed with problems. While a minority pleads for East Turkestan ( Xinjiang ) 's independence, the rest is trying to go on and adapt to China although racial profiling is quite frequent and muslim Chinese from western region often occupies the lowest jobs in the city.  As islam integration is a global subject, I decided to explore more the situation in Shanghai, the most active city in China and look at how the local muslim community was integrating and living. This is an ongoing project.

Men waiting for the beginning of the friday prayer at Shanghai Mosque

The Shanghai Mosque is located in a residential area surrounded by high rise housing projects making it almost impossible to see it from the street. The place itself is too small to welcome the thousands who come to the friday prayers. 

Praying mats are at disposal and placed outside the Mosque in the parking lot of the residential area near the garbage center.

Men are preparing lamb dumplings in the Market after the friday prayers behind the shanghai mosque.

A van loaded with Lamb meat for the friday market near the Shanghai Mosque

A van loaded with Lamb meat for the friday market near the Shanghai Mosque

A muslim woman preparing food at the friday market near the Shanghai Mosque

The Shanghai Mosque viewed from on of the housing tower window.

Kerry Center Shanghai Architecture Photography

This month, I was assigned by KPF ( Kohn Pedersen Fox ) to photograph the finished project of the new Kerry Center + Shangri La in downtown Shanghai. The project is an interesting addition of cubes and grids. It was quite interesting to photograph.

The photos can be viewed directly on KPF official website:



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Portraits | Dan Shapiro | Shanghai 2012

In the middle of 2012 - My friend & musician Dan Shapiro ask me to take a few portraits of him at various stages of its moustache treaming. We met regularly for a month shooting in my apartment with a simple set up and my hasselblad on a few rolls of films. A year passed since then and I finally took the time to look at those films and sharing the photos here .

Dan Shapiro | Portrait in Shanghai

Dan Shapiro | Portrait in Shanghai

Dan Shapiro | Portrait in Shanghai

Dan Shapiro | Portrait in Shanghai

Dan Shapiro | Portrait in Shanghai

Dan Shapiro | Portrait in Shanghai

Architecture Photographer China

With the release of my book "Made by Chinese" covering modern architecture in China, I have just updated my architecture in China gallery . Here below are some of the photos I have shot during this project and that I have included in my personal portfolio.

Tim Franco is a shanghai architecture photographer available for commercial assignment in China . Please contact him directly timfranco@gmail.com | +86 135 858 150 11

Jiang Qiong Er | Portrait in Shanghai for Le Monde

Sang Xia is a new Chinese Luxury brand reporting to Hermes. Jiang Qiong Er, Shang Xia's CEO started as a window designer for Hermes and is now opening her first shop outside China in the center of Paris.  I went to her private showroom last week to take a couple of portraits for an article in Le Monde to be published soon. The place was neat and simple, with a tea room where walls were made of dry tea leaves.

Published in 10th of september in Le Monde

Published in 10th of september in Le Monde