Shanghai Muslim Community

Muslim in China represents 1.6 % of the population, meaning more than 21 million of Chinese are adherents of islam. Even if they are mostly located in Western region such as Xinjiang, Gansu and Ningxia, muslim Chinese are spread all around China. Their integration in Chinese society, especially for Uyghurs ( Mostly from Xinjiang 10 M of them in China ) is often  echoed with problems. While a minority pleads for East Turkestan ( Xinjiang ) 's independence, the rest is trying to go on and adapt to China although racial profiling is quite frequent and muslim Chinese from western region often occupies the lowest jobs in the city.  As islam integration is a global subject, I decided to explore more the situation in Shanghai, the most active city in China and look at how the local muslim community was integrating and living. This is an ongoing project.

Men waiting for the beginning of the friday prayer at Shanghai Mosque

The Shanghai Mosque is located in a residential area surrounded by high rise housing projects making it almost impossible to see it from the street. The place itself is too small to welcome the thousands who come to the friday prayers. 

Praying mats are at disposal and placed outside the Mosque in the parking lot of the residential area near the garbage center.

Men are preparing lamb dumplings in the Market after the friday prayers behind the shanghai mosque.

A van loaded with Lamb meat for the friday market near the Shanghai Mosque

A van loaded with Lamb meat for the friday market near the Shanghai Mosque

A muslim woman preparing food at the friday market near the Shanghai Mosque

The Shanghai Mosque viewed from on of the housing tower window.