Chongqing Feature in the Good Life Magazine

Earlier this year I traveled back to Chongqing to work on a story for The Good Life Magazine. It was a nice experience to look around the city and see how much has changed since I have last visited it. Here are a few of the images from that body of work as well as the tearsheets.

Tim Franco is available for editorial and commercial photography assignment in Asia. He is based between Seoul and Shanghai and often travels to the following destinations : Hong Kong, beijing, Tokyo, Bangkok & Singapore. Please contact him directly at

Seoul urban study and cityscape

Itaewon at dawn

Gangnam offices at dusk

Central Seoul at dusk

Gangnam main shopping area


Seoul is connected & wired through the latest and fastest online technologies. It is also a new city, mostly reconstructed after the Korean War, its large avenues and modern buildings seems endless in the center and spreading through beautiful mountains surrounding the city. It gives this megapolis a unique energy. While modern & tall buildings can be found in various part of the city, they always surround smaller and more intimate districts made of small alleys , traditional houses and business. Christianity is also an important part of modern Korean culture. In any district, the neon litted crosses can be seen from afar.


This urban study made with a traditional 4x5 large format wooden field camera in film aims to document the urban enviornement of the South Korean Capital.

Chongqing - Mega Urbanisation

As I was back in Chongqing for a special assignment on urban farming, I also continued working on some images of this incredible megapolis. From construction site to amusement park and a view of the city at dusk.

Chongqing Chaotianmen at dusk

Man vs the city | New Development zone of Jiangbei distrcit in Chongqing

A couple enjoying a ride in the Foreign Street Amusement park in Chongqing

A giant housing development construction site in the new district of Jiangbei in Chongqing

Young migrant workers near their houses in the new development district of jiangbei in Chongqing