Floating City - A review of the new ZTE Axon Elite

I recently got the opportunity to try the new ZTE Axon Elite phone to try their new phone and its camera function. I was having a busy month working on couple assignments around China and preparing for an exhibition but finally took a few days off and traveled to Hong Kong to try out different functionality of the phone. It was very easy to get my hands on the camera function. The screen phone is large but still feels quite steady in the hand and definition of and luminosity of the screen are very convenient for a precise framing. 

While I was traveling throughout the city and visiting some of my favorite rooftops, I started to look at the different modes of the camera. As I was trying to capture the density of the city, i was struggling between the perfect uniformity of the high rises and the mess of cars and markets on the street. I used the mirror mode that allowed me to only keep the clean part of the image, and , by automaticly reflecting the higher part of the photo. It suddenly allowed me to have an incredible and completely sur-realistic image of the city. I had the impression of capturing floating building on an advanced alien planet. 

The photo ended up very sharp rendering well the strange and confusing colors of the city. I was really happy with the result and thinking about continuing a series about Hong Kong using this approach.

Chongqing IFC or Hong Kong wannabe

In another case of copied architecture, the Chongqing CBD in Jiefangbei also includes an IFC office tower which is extremely similar to its Hong Kong building. Another case of how local urban planner loop up to famous cities and architects and try to copy / paste them instead of trying to come with their own identity. The Chaoptienman ( tip of chongqing peninsula ) is also seeing its old port destroyed to give a place to a similar building to the famous Singapore Sands hotel & casino... Chongqing, wannabe the modern metropolis of china but if the trend continues, it will look more like a mix of other famous cities paste into one.

Chongqing IFC in the middle of the Jiefangbei area