Chongqing - destroying the past

Since my first time in Chongqing in 2009, I have been going back as regularly as I could strolling and exploring the city.  in 2011 as I was visiting the older part of the Yuzhong district, I came across an interesting area pictured in the below photograph. As I asked about it, I soon found out that it was the remains of an old Ming dynasty Government building. The site was quite amazing as it was surrounded by gloomy looking housing project. Last month, as I went back in this particular area, I found out that a construction site has been started on the western part of the lot and all the rest of this archeological site has been left to total chaos. This really shows again how the city struggles with its growing population and its urban planning.

2011 photos of the Remains of Ming dynasty government building in the middle of Chongqing  

Same site in 2014 - a construction site has been started and the remains of the archeological site has been abandoned.