Metamorpolis, the rise of Chongqing.

Format 25x29cm
112 color pages / deluxe semi mat paper / hardcover

Removable semi-transparent dust jacket with title.
All texts in English, Chinese, and French.

Metamorpolis is a 5 year project looking at the social impact of urbanisation in China from the point of view of the fastest growing city in the Middle Kingdom - Chongqing. A collection a 112 photographs looking a giant city taking over the natures and its inhabitants.


Made by Chinese 

In 2011 / 2012, I have spent about a year working with a great team of people on a book about Architecture in China. After more than a year of scanning, editing, writing, the book is finally here and it looks incredible ! The 2 volumes 600 pages final result will be available for purchase in 2014. 


More info about the book here: 


Shanghai Soundbites

2008 - out of stock

In 2007 / 2008, Tim Franco ( photos ) & Gianpolo Lupori ( text ) roamed around the fragile Shanghai underground music scene. The self published book was released during one of those events and the 200 copies were sold out on that same day - an ephemeral book, just as the underground music scene in Shanghai during that period.

Online Interview about the project

A digital preview is available below: